Accounting and consulting services

Our specialists offer the highest level of services for small, medium and large enterprises. We provide professional assistance as regards comprehensive accounting services.

Dynamic development and experience

We have been dynamically developing both on Polish and foreign markets for over 6 years. JB Solutions offices are situated, among other places, in Gdansk, Krakow, Warsaw and London.

Trust and security

Each month hundreds of people each entrust us with taking care of their finances. Their satisfaction and recommendations serve as the best possible advertisement.

JB Solutions supports micro-, small and medium-sized enterprises by taking care of their accounting and HR issues. We specialise in providing services to housing communities, single-person businesses, limited liability companies, limited partnerships and joint stock companies.
doradztwo podatkowe
Tax advisory is a key component of well-managed accounting. Through the interpretation of legal regulations and appropriate tax planning we can help a business or a group of companies deal with their accounting in such a way as to minimize their tax liabilities.
Księgowość oraz kadry i płace w Wielkiej Brytanii
We work together with one of the leading accounting firms in the United Kingdom. This partnership allows us to offer accounting and HR services in the UK as well as registration of limited companies (which is the British equivalent of the Polish spółka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością). We will help you select the most suitable model for establishing your business and operating in the UK’s market.
obsługa prawna gdańsk warszawa kraków
The customers we provide with accounting and HR services may decide to choose selected legal services or service packages, designed for enterprises and offered under fixed rate arrangements.
Finansowanie oraz Procesy Inwestycyjne
A significant component of business consulting are services related to raising finance for setting up, running and expanding a company or for a specific investment project. Through a network of partners and advisors we cooperate with we can help you to arrange a mortgage, investment or cash loans, leasing and factoring.
A well-developed customer base of our own firm and of our close partners enables us to offer advice in a number of issues which may be encountered when conducting business, starting up a company from scratch or selling a going concern. We are ready to assist our customers looking for business partners to team up with on the Polish and the UK’s markets.
cfo Nadzór księgowy
If you don’t see the need of having a CFO on your team, it may be because you do not know the possible implications – we invite you to contact us!
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