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W JB Solutions mieliśmy już do czynienia z szerokim spektrum potrzeb klientów i za każdym razem stajemy na wysokości zadania.

Finansowanie oraz Procesy Inwestycyjne

A significant component of business consulting are services related to raising finance for setting up, running and expanding a company or for a specific investment project. Through a network of partners and advisors we cooperate with we can help you to arrange a mortgage, investment or cash loans, leasing and factoring with most of financial institutions present on the Polish market that meet our high requirements in terms of affordable support rates. We can also provide assistance in obtaining non-banking funding, such as e.g. corporate bonds.



We provide comprehensive accounting and HR services, tax and business consulting services and help find sources of funding for start-ups, especially in such sectors as IT, FinTech, IoT and the aviation industry.